Our Crew

Randall Burg

Owner/President/Broker of Record
Randall has been a licensed yacht broker for close to 20 years and sold over 1,000 yachts. Previous to moving to Florida to open Love That yacht, he ran his own 4-office brokerage in California... Read More
Robert brings to Love That Yacht a lifetime of owning and operating yachts. Robert has a 50 Ton Captains license and is a licensed Real Estate broker in both Florida and California. Bob is a... Read More
Bernardo Herzer has spent a large portion of his life at sea. As a licensed ship’s captain, he developed a passion and a deeply felt connection to the ocean, logging over 40,000 nautical miles across... Read More
Brandon Garcia, Miami, Fl., has been around boats and yachts for most of his like. An accomplished fisherman, he has an extensive knowledge of marinas in South Florida, yachts and boats, engines, and yacht equipment.... Read More
Steve Carver, La Jolla, CA., has owned boats for most of his adult life and is a confirmed "boat addict. Steve is also a very successful Real Estate Broker in San Diego County, California, and... Read More
Thomas Eidsmore, Santa Cruz, Ca., is an avid boat owners and lives around the water. In addition to brokering yachts from Santa Cruz-San Francosco area of California, Thomas has a home in Cabo San Lucas... Read More
Capt. Rio O'Bryan, The Keys, FL. Rio has a 100 ton Captain license w/sailing & towing endorsements. Scuba certified. Sailed to Cuba in 2015 and 2016 in the Hobie cat race and beat the record... Read More
James Albright, Bruswick, George. James was commissioned as a Surface Line Officer in the U.S. Navy from 1977 to 1983. He left to get his Masters Degree in Health Care Administration and worked in the... Read More
Steve Bernard, Cape Coral, West Coast Florida, Successful businessman in the Marine industry. Owned and operated boat dealerships and marinas for over 40 years, and yachts from small 12' boats to 82' yachts.
Glen Daniels, Palm Beach, FL. Successful RE Broker and boat lover. Brings 30 years of successful sales and yachting experience to the business. "Growing up and boating on the Chesapeake with my Dad, we would... Read More
Kevin Spellman, Ft Myers, FL. Has been around boats most of his life and has a passion for all types of boats. Kevin has experience with sailing and the Caribbean having traveled the Windwards and... Read More
Dominic Ballew, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Just sent in his license application. Captain with 25 years experience in and around yachts.
Mike Steinward, Ventura, Calif. Just was issues his Temp Calif. Sales license and is waiting to take the Calif yacht Sales Test. Mike is the owner of a number of boats, restores boats, and has... Read More
Scott Kent, Los Angeles, Calif. Just received his Calif Temp Sales license and is getting ready to take is cal test. Successful businessman and public speaker. Loves fast boats. Extensive marketing and internet skills.
Carlos Balza, Dania, FL. In the process of getting his Fl sales license. Longtime boat owner. Master marine electronics Tech. Fantastic connection in the yachting world in South Florida.
Benny Aharoni, Chicago, Ill. Ex Commercial Hard Hat diver.Ex Navy. Loves sailing and sailboats. Extensive business background.
Chanee Pangan, Long Beach, Calif. Just was issued her Temp licensee and a test date. Bachelor Degrees in both Human Resources and Business management. Expert with most registration and documentation services for boats and yachts,... Read More
Saul Milian, Miami, FL. Successful Real Estate broker that also ones and loves yachts and the yachting community and lifestyle.
Lifetime or owning boats. Avid fisherman and holds a 50 Ton Captain License with a Towing Endorsement. Highly skilled with representing and selling boats. Kevin is located at one of the countries top fresh water... Read More