Wood Boats


“There is something about wood that appeals to people who don’t even know anything about boats. I think it’s the fact that wood is alive: it feels nicer, it has the color, the grain, the hue, you can see the growth rings in it and know that each one represents a year. Wood gives off almost an aura.”

When molded fiberglass came on the scene in the 1950’s, a boatbuilding revolution followed. Pleasure boats were now produced by mass production and boating became affordable to a large segment of the population. Wooden boats seemed destined for extinction or for museum viewing at best.

Wood had been the material of choice in building boats ever since man first put out to sea. But most wooden boats were subject to rot and worm damage and building wooden boats was costly since each boat was handcrafted.

But some die-hard craftsmen continued designing and building with wood. Why? Unlike fiberglass, wood boats could be built economically. Also, wood has great design flexibility and a “timeless beauty.” Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but few beholders would deny that wood boats are very pleasing to the eye.”

These beautiful Classic boats represent current examples of the craft in fiberglass, wood, and steel. If you are a lover of wooden boats, please contact Glenn at heartsdesire1925@gmail.com, 609 312 8263. Glenn is our Wooden Boat Guy” who has been making , buying, and selling wood boats for over 45 years!!

This list of wood boats is for information and education purposes and does not indicate or imply that Love That yacht represents these wood boats.


     * 1926 27Ft Herreshoff S Class “ELIZABETH” $55,000