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Yacht videos : Yachts For Sale, Mega yachts, How -To videos

Find out how we can showcase your boat on Youtube with our custom-made video of your boat!!


Call Randall Burg to find out about this FREE service to ALL our clients that give us an Exclusive Listings for their boats. Call 954 870 3667 or email Randall at


This is this highly effective way to build traffic and locate buyers for your boat.


Yachts For Sale Videos

The goal of Randall Burg is to address and satisfy the needs of the discriminating yacht buyer and seller.


We have been satisying clients  for over 15 years, and, after selling over 1000 boats,  we have developed a significent following of satisfied clients.


Our motto is "What Has A Broker Done For You lately".

I am a Concierge Yacht Broker answering my clients questions, satisfying their every need, and seamlessly moving client's yacht buying or selling process forward with the

client's ultimate  satisfaction in mind.   


Size Matters: The Ft Lauderdale Boat Show video

Yacht Buyers Guide Blog videos

The Yacht Buyers Guide series of videos covers topics that yacht owners, buyers and sellers are interested in knowing about.


More 20+ short videos address a wide range of topics that

include, but are not limited to:


How to finance the purchase of your boat


How to maintain a boat: hull


How to survey a sail boat


How to survey a power boat


How to work with a boat yard


How to work with a yacht broker


How to prep your boat for sale


Its a great day to buy a boat


More released weekly

Why work with a Yacht Broker? video

Using the Canon 300

HD broadcast video camera at 

Youtube Los Angeles

Randall and my team shooting with the industry standard RED broadcast video camera

My work horse - a Canon HF10

prosumer HD video camera.

I've shoot over 300 videos with this camera!!

Steady Cam trainig at Youtube Los Angeles

One of eight editing rooms available to Randall and my team at

Youtube Los Angeles

Using the Jib at Youtube - gets those amazing shoots of exotic cars for kmy "Epic Yacht/Car Battles" video series

"Epic Yacht/Car Battles: Whats More Fun for Your $5,000,000?" series  shoot at Youtube Los Angeles.

Randall w/ GoPro as passanger in a very rare Ferrari M16 Scudera Spider

Handling audio for the shoot

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