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 Yacht Buyers Guide----HOW TO  videos on
buying, selling , maintaining, enjoying, and owning a boat

#1 Why Buy a Boat or Yacht 

#3 How To Do  a Power Boat Sea Trial and Survey

#5 How To Do New Power Boat Owners training

#7 How To Manage your Holding Tanks

#9 How To Reef Sails

#11 How To Operate Your Boat Safely

#13 How To Finance Your  Boat Purchase

#15 How To Understand On Board Radio Communications systems

#17 How To Do A Sailboat Haulout Survey 

# 19 How To Make a To-Go Kit

#21 How To Maintain the Brightwork on Your Boat

#23 How to Care and Maintain the canvas and Isenglass 

#2 How To Work With A Boat Surveyor

# 4 How To Do a Sailboat Sea Trial abnd Survey

#6 How To Get Your Yearly Property Tax Reduced

# 8 How To Do A Hull Maintenance


#10  How To Protect Yourself From The Elements

#12  How To Maintain Your Marine Engine

#14 How To Understand Coast Guard (CG) vs DMV  (CF) Registration

# 16 How To Understand Power Systems on Board

#18 How To Transport/Deliver a boat

#20 How To Select a Deodorant for Your Holding Tank

#22 How To select Boat Insurance

24# How To Maintain the Finish of the Metal on Your Boat

#25 How to understand the differences between a Motor Yacht and a Sport Fisher
#26 How To Use A Drone From A Boat or Yacht
How to Acid wash your Propellers
How to Benefit from Donating Your Boat
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